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It gives me immense delight to be a part of Park Global School and walk an extra mile to live up to the expectations of our esteemed institution and repose value and culture to generations that stand on our threshold.

Park Global School is a renowned CBSE School in Coimbatore with campuses located in Sitra & Kaniyur that is committed to offer the highest standards of academic, sports and extracurricular activities. Park Global School is keen to identify the hidden talents and provide essential support to bring out the best in the child.

I assure you that a conducive teaching-learning environment will be created for the students where they get an opportunity to fulfil their potential both in and beyond classroom. I believe that punctuality and the 3D’s – Discipline, Dedication and Determination among the members of school fraternity will lead to the exultation of school decorum.


Dr. P. V. Ravi, M.A., (LA)., B.Sc., B.Ed.,M.A, Ph.D.,and MISTE

Park Global School was started with a vision of changing the landscape of school education in Coimbatore. The promoters are Park Group which was started by chairman Dr. P. V. Ravi and Mrs. K. Prema Ravi in the year 1970 as a nursery school in Tirupur. Today Park Global has 20 institutions and 20,000 students with 1,400 teachers. Nearly 100,000 alumni are spread across more than 25 countries.

Late Mrs. Prema Ravi, B.A., B.Ed., C.Ph.D
Vice Chairperson

Long before India realized the need and strength it had for education, Park Group had realized it, and thus was born a group of institutions with modern thinking and trend that many others followed in the years to come. From the ancient days of gurukuls, India has always been known for systematic education that is for life and at Park we do that today with all the modern methods and innovation to prepare our children for the future while instilling great values in them.

Dr. Anusha Ravi, B.E., M.S (USA)., Ph.D

Park Global School is an attempt to bring the best of East and West and is the dream project of the CEO of Park Group Dr. Anusha Ravi who has lived in the United States of America for 12 years and has experienced US education. She has studied the school systems practiced all over the world. The school is designed by her to produce confident young global citizens who are ready to take on the world.

Mr. Joe Patterson,
Chief International Advisor

Mr. Joe Patterson has experience in setting up private schools for over 40 years in the US. He has successfully introduced many revolutionary methods in education. His academic standards are very high and many students have been placed in esteemed universities like Harvard, Camford and Yale.