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Park Global School (PGS) is located in Coimbatore and is managed by Park group. The school provides quality education to the students in a friendly environment. PGS is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education and it offers international education from Pre KG to Class XII. The school is operating in 2 campuses. Park Global School which is operating in Kalapatti campus provides education from Pre.KG to class V and the school which is operating in Kaniyur Campus provides education from Pre KG to class XII.


Park Global School campus at Sitra - Best CBSE school in Coimbatore.

Tucked away in the serenity of Coimbatore’s outskirts, and yet in the vicinage of a stone throw away from the Coimbatore airport, the Park Global School in Sitra houses grades 1 to 5. Spacious and close to nature, the campus is spread across 43,125 sq. ft. A large playground with park equipment decorates the campus for our elementary students, echoing the play-way method of teaching practiced at our school. The green ambiance with trees and plants provides the curious minds places to wander and wonder making it the perfect cradle for budding youngsters. The library is stacked with a variety of books that kindle the curiosity of children, gives joy and take them to a whole new world of imagination. With a total of 7 class rooms and an auditorium, the students have ample space to have fun and learn. First aid medical facilities are always on standby while we have a 24/7 doctor on call.


Sprawled over 20,639 sq.m, the Park Global School at Kaniyur is geared with modern-day amenities that are reflective and subscriptive of the personalized education by means of an East – West blend in philosophy observed by the school that will inspire and engage students in their academic journey. Set in an ambiance of tranquillity, the Kaniyur PGS campus roofs LKG and KG students and classes 1 to 12. Provisioned with technology enabled classrooms that make interdisciplinary learning effective, our students experience a fusion of traditional and modern education. With spacious class rooms aptly placed to catch the cool breeze and bright sunlight, the ambiance of the school building uplifts even a gloomy day. For book lovers, the PGS library, decked with literature from all over the world, is a godsend. With 24 rooms and a massive auditorium, the living space for children is vast and expansive. There are five labs that convert theoretical learning to practicality and give students a hands-on experience. Sports forms an essential part of the educational system practiced at PGS. To this end, we provide three spacious playgrounds for children to play on. For the sports enthusiasts who take fun seriously, we provide a basketball court, a volley ball court, a hockey ground, and a cricket ground. PGS has separate provisions for students who favour indoor games such as carrom, chess, badminton and table tennis. The wellbeing of our students is our primary concern and we ensure that any health issue is taken care right away. The school is prepared 24/7 to address any health concern and is equipped with first aid equipment, beds, an on-site medial professional and a doctor on call for any emergency that may arise.

Park Global School campus at Kaniyur - Best CBSE school in Coimbatore.