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Academics at Park Global School


School Curriculum at Park Global School: The Best CBSE School in Coimbatore

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) at Park Global School, Coimbatore guarantees your child the space and scope to think outside the box rather than depend upon rote memory. It is designed to facilitate creative thinking that is application oriented and solution driven. The CBSE syllabus prepares students for a multiple of entrance exams such as the IIT-JEE and AIIMS. Since it follows the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), the education provided is uniform. The world is ever changing and education is in constant change and is advancing with every passing day. It is vital that students are prepared to take on changes, for which they need a dexterous mind. Park Global School keeps the students nimble and feel at home with change. The CBSE board has been advancing over the years and is now adopting an international approach in its examination and evaluation system. Thus, many schools are now affiliated to the CBSE board all over the world affording the opportunity for students to study abroad.


The formative years of school are extremely crucial in the development of a child’s brain. They are most observant and willing to learn. Research proves that children at a young age have the capacity to learn 14 languages simultaneously. Park Global School takes full advantage of the early years to instil and inculcate in the students the academic and social skills required for a successful life ahead.

When learning happens through play, education does not feel like a burden. Children are extremely receptive when they are led by their curiosity and enjoy the journey of education. The first step in making education fun is by making it meaningful. Every child wants to know WHY? Unless children do not know why they should learn something, it is impossible for them to become curious about it or show any interest towards it. So the teachers at Park Global School integrate life and education and show the practicality of education in life and make education relevant.

Best Kindergarten School in Coimbatore -  Park Global School


Best primary school for CBSE in Coimbatore is Park Global School.

At the primary school level, children are well versed with the educational system and are well on the way to finding out more about themselves. They start to explore the world around them. They go for short field trips, they venture into new ideas, learn to form opinions and channelize their thoughts. Since it is an age bursting with energy and knowledge, guiding them in the right direction is very important. The learning atmosphere becomes vibrant. As opposed to kindergarten where it is all about expression, at the primary school level, children are taught to express themselves as well as imbibe new concepts. Lessons are designed to engage students to acquire knowledge through enquiry and exploration.

Building up on the foundation laid in Kindergarten, primary schooling advances to experimental learning and building knowledge. Learning and understanding take the centre stage with new concepts being taught.


Students are taught interdisciplinary skills. At this stage of learning, it is vital that students learn to coherently harness their varied knowledge and use this knowledge to arrive at solutions by application of theory in practical life, after all what is the use of education if it is not worthwhile practically? This phase of learning involves “learning to learn”. The philosophy is simple. Letting the inquisitiveness of the student gets half the job done. Students are posed with problems and are encouraged to arrive at the solution in whatever manner they wish to by applying their knowledge.

Team work plays a big part in attaining success. The culmination of knowledge leads to innovative breakthroughs. When students get together and work as a team, more knowledge and ideas are put together to work, learning becomes fun, informative, and helps to develop social skills, which are essential in the adult world.

The Best CBSE High School in Coimbatore: Park Global School


Best Higher Secondary for CBSE School in Coimbatore - Park Global School

Students on the threshold of the real world to face its challenges and play a salient part in it need confidence backed up by their education. They need to take responsible decisions which will plan out the next few years. These decisions shape their life. Our students get the freedom to choose the subjects of their choice when they are mature enough to analyse what they want to pursue in the near future. The higher secondary students can choose their favourite subjects with various combinations.

Freedom to choose subject for class XI

Any combination / group of your choice from the following:

Languages : English (core), English (elective), Hindi (core), Hindi (elective), Tamil
Elective Subjects (any four): Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Accountancy, Business Studies, History, Political Science, Geography, Computer Sciences & Economics, Library Information Science, Fashion Studies, Bio-Technology, Sociology, Physical Education
Suggested Combinations Future Choice for Higher Studies & Careers
Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics Medical Sciences, Engineering & Technology or 5 Year Integrated courses in Indian Institute
Physic, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science Medicine, Agricultural, Dental, Horticultural, Seri Cultural, veterinary & Biological Sciences.
Physic, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science/ Bio-Technology Sciences, Engineering & Technology, Bio-Chemical/ Bio-tech Studies
Accountancy Business Studies, Economics & Computer Science Commerce, Management, Banking & Chartered/Cost Accountancy etc.
History, political Science, Geography & Economics (or) Sociology Civil Services Examinations, Teaching & Research

We also offer

Integrated coaching from class XI for All India Entrance Exams for premier Institutions in Medicine (AIIMS, AFMC, CMC, JIPMER etc), Engineering Technology (ITS, NITs & BITS & JEE (Main & Advanced) etc.) and for entering Indian Armed Forces in the officers Cadre through TES (Technical Entry Scheme) or through NDA (National Defence Academy) and International Undergraduate admissions.

Counselling & Guidance offered through a panel of Experts, Professionals & Psychologists for identifying aptitudes and providing assistance in making the correct career choice.